RESIDENCE is an international agency representing both renowned and emerging image-makers.
We are talent-developers and partners to our artists’ careers, helping them to develop within
an open and creative environment.

RESIDENCE is about putting together strong talent and personalities, and providing them
with a customized, high-end, multifaceted service.
What defines us is our distinctive voice and sustainable and conscientious approach to our work.
We are ambitious yet free-spirited and highly attuned to key human values, and we believe this is what being here and now is all about.

Identifying what present means and making the most of it in a creative context represents the core of our company ethos,
along with a highly defined cinematic sensibility, smart anticipation of the industry needs and a clear understanding
of new and evolving social aspirations.

We apply this philosophy to all aspects of our work with a singular objective: artistic quality.